Pentrasil® hardens and protects your concrete floors 
with its Nano Lithium Technology.


Penetrating 2-8 mm. into concrete, this material hardens, protects and intensifies the concrete. By operating upper tissue of your concrete like a flooring Pentra-Sil® makes it extremely clean, hard and resistant to abrasion. Without touching to the natural look of concrete, on transparent colorless or transparent colored systems it greatly prevents concrete dusting and lessens the absorption.

Polishing with each new application, this Pentra-Sil® makes the concrete harder, stronger and more resistant to abrasion. Thanks to its dust-free quality it inhibits the scattering of concrete particles inside building.

It deeply penetrates into concrete capillarity and by chemically reacting with free lime it establishes an insolvable, permanent bond with concrete. By forming a breathing, intense and abrasion resistant preservative surface it designs a stronger, more impermeable, dust free, resistant to spotting and deterioration and better looking (satin-bright) floor pattern. Regular maintenance decreases cleaning and expensive repair costs. It prevents the concrete from salt efflorescence and stops the movement of crack causing compounds.

It provides unique protection against spotting on gloss surfaces. It forms a dense and abrasion resistant layer offering chemical protection, water proofing and improved surface brightness.

A distinctive concept for decorative spaces. Your floors are as fresh as paint now...

Designed with lithium technology Pentra-Stain UVS® is an attractive, fine finished product than can add UV resistant industrial resistance performance to concrete. This durable colored preservative offers protection against dusting and spotting, its satin bright look lessens with repeated usage. It is acid-free.


  • By penetrating into concrete it hardens, protects and makes it more resistant against abrasion.
  • Molecular size of lithium provides advantage in deep penetration and lasting protection.
  • It inhibits dusting for a cleaner and safer environment.
  • The operation is easily completed with single-layer application.
  • It can be applied on fresh, newly poured concrete.
  • It is water-based, solvent-free and has low VOC content (< 50 g/L)
  • By providing an unfavorable condition for harmful bacteria it facilitates the cleaning of concrete.
  • It prevents efflorescence and lime leakage.
  • By lasting longer than other floor preservatives, hardener or densifier technologies it expands average life and integrity of surface.
  • Thanks to its application comfort and quick opening to traffic it allows the organizations to run without delay.
  • It is fast and economical.


Industry and Manufacturing
Manufacturing facilities, storage facilities, distribution centers, food processing facilities, textile factories, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, cold storing, beverage processing plants, chemicals processing plants.

Multi-storey car parks, airplane hangars, automotive dealers, parking lots, transportation terminals, car maintenance lots.

Commercial and Organizational
Workplace buildings, cafeterias and restaurants, retailers and shopping centers, schools and training centers, sport and amusement centers, stadiums.

Since 1997 in Turkey and the whole world in cooperation with establishments such as Carrefour, Audi, İkea, DHL, Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Mercedes, Chrysler, TNT, CaterPillar, Haber Turk the applications have been made on a surface of 60 million m².

USDA certificate on surface-contact of foods.
EMAS Environment Certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

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