The Streamers are the newest generation of shot blast machines. The development of these machines is based on the long time experience of the IMPACTS engineers.

In addition to that the practical requirements of our customers and the newest technical know how have been incorporated in this new generation of shot blast machines.


  • In-Line Separation system at the Streamer S 210E better separation of abrasive and dust. This gives higher blasting performance and improved ware resistance.
  • Modern ergonometric handle, adjustable height, integrated handling instruments for drive at all Streamers: adjustable according to the height of the operator, easier to handle, less stress.
  • "Side – Force“ Lining System at the Streamer S 270E, S 320E, S 410E, S 600E: this unique system of the new generation of blast machines will increase the life time of the wheel housings and the liners up to 100 %
  • Strong drive motors with integrated brake at the Streamer S 320E, S 410E, S 600E: this allows blasting of uneven areas and ramps without problems.
  • Quick lifting system with automatically lifting of the tail seal at S 320E, S 400E, S 600E: easier moving from one job side to the other, easy transportation.

Please contact us, if you need more information about the IMPACTS Streamer, the new generation of mobile shot blast machines.


  • S125E
  • S250V
  • S210E
  • S210E40R
  • S270E
  • S270E75R
  • S320E
  • S410E
  • S600E