High-resistant carbon or glass fibred polymer materials. These high-resistant fibres are with special epoxy adhesive applied as envisaged in the project following the surface preparation. Due to its lightness it is not an extra load for the structure.


  • In reinforcing concrete beam against bending and cutting
  • In reinforcing concrete floor and colons against bending
  • Through wrapping, increasing pressure resistance of colons
  • Through wrapping increasing ductility of colons
  • In reinforcing timber beams against bending
  • In reinforcing masonry construction.


  • It is extremely light and easy to carry.
  • It is easy to cut on both sides in desired sizes (by scissors or utility knife).
  • Since it consists of one-way continual fibres in the reinforcements against bending and cutting it provides great comfort for both design and application.
  • It has high permanent strength.
  • It has low creep value.
  • It provides high resistance against blasts.
  • It has high abrasion resistance.
  • It provides durability in wet and aggressive chemical environments.

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