World class service through advanced technologies...

Established in 1996, Detay Yapi with its professional technical and engineering team, has been offering consultancy services on industrial facilities in particular as well as construction chemicals in building sector.

Detay Yapi is also the authorized representative of leading manufacturers of construction chemicals; Basf, Convergent Group S.A., Impacts, Cetco, Covestro etc.


The Fields We Offer Technical Consultancy Service

Flooring Systems

  • Epoxy floorings
  • Polyurethane floorings
  • Antistatic floorings
  • Concrete performance floorings (Polyurethane concrete)
  • Pentra-Sil liquid hardeners
  • Polish concrete applications
  • Surface preparation with shotblast method

Insulation Systems

  • Terrace insulations
  • Car park insulations
  • Protecting the building envelope - above and below grade
  • Other water insulations
  • Polyurethane injections
  • Acrylic injections

Repair Reinforcement

  • Carbon fibre applications
  • Conventional reinforcements
  • Historical artifact repairs
  • Constructional repairs
  • Ore planting
  • Special grouting applications
  • Epoxy injection